full frame fuel - what can you make of this patent?

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Re: full frame fuel - what can you make of this patent?

Unexpresivecanvas wrote:

I was at this local Pentax dealer. A Pentax/Ricoh representative drop by and I overheard he talking to the store staff about full frame coming out on April 1st He blinked an eye to me and say: "don't be mislead by the fool's day coincidence, we got plenty of patents"

He left as swifltly as he arrived...

Certainly sounds "like a plan" to me, dude. Consider a couple of things:

1. The Pentax lens lineup CONTINUES to include a variety of older lenses that were made during the FILM days and thus are automatically compatible with a FF sensor (including the three highly-praised "Limited" lenses). Then consider that in addition to this, NEW Pentax lenses have been released in recent years (such as the D FA 100mm Macro F 2.8, SPRING, 2010 -- there's a full review of this then-NEW lens in my May 2010 issue of Popular Photography -- if you save old issues, the quick way to find it is to look for the copy with Halle Berry lying on the beach on the cover). HOWEVER, the six PREMIUM lenses developed for Pentax DSLRs during the past decade have ALL been designed EXCLUSIVELY for APS-C sensors, meaning they'll vignette on FF-sensor cameras. That makes it QUITE POSSIBLE and VERY LIKELY that assuming Ricoh IS in the works of bringing out a FF model it's ALSO in the works of bringing out REPLACEMENTS for at least a few of those lenses, which is what that 60mm lens could be (Based on Lens Model Letters, I still see ONLY SIX that seem to indicate they're FF compatible... the 100mm and 50mm macros, plus the FA 50mm F1.4, and the three Limited lenses: 77, 43 and 31mm -- so unless a good many of the DA lenses WILL work on a FF body without cropping, Ricoh DOES have some new lenses to bring out to support any FF camera!)

2. When that sales rep. spoke of April Fool's Day with a wink in his eye, well, I'd take him SERIOUSLY. I think MOST OF US recall how the RELEASE of the "NEW PENTAX K-3" was loudly trumpeted online on April 1, 2012, only to be an April Fool's Joke. But the FUNNY THING is that although they were still to bring forth two revised models of the K-5 AFTER THAT, the PICTURES of the "K-3" that ran with that bogus story ended up being EXACTLY 100% CORRECT! They WERE NOT some "Photoshopped" K-5 "knockoff" to simulate a new Pentax APS-C which we ALL (correctly) assumed would be called the K-3; rather it appears they were ACTUAL PHOTOS of the exterior body of a camera that was still 18 months out!

So I wouldn't be at all surprised to not only see a FF Pentax this coming spring, but also SEVERAL new HD lenses to go with it!


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