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RaajS has asked for my critique, please don't shoot me.

RaajS wrote:

Nice. The chained up bicycle is bright, white and demanding my attention. It does set the scene along with the hydrant in a city, though, so it helps describe a setting. The feeling I get is one of disparate social status. The lone(ly) gentleman outside the restaurant is the main subject. He is walking uphill. It is wet and he might have had to walk through the rain. I love the diagonal lines in the lower left and the front of the building. His hair unkempt in contrast to the two gentlemen eating inside. The lights on the wall behind them suggest halos. In any case they appear warm and well fed, enjoying each others' company. The two windows give good symmetry and balance to the image. The decisive moment has been well timed with the subject between the hydrant and the bike. The lines on the front of the building serve well to lead the viewer between those inside and those outside.

Love it!

Words in photographs must be meaningful. They are extremely powerful, no matter how small. I don't know the Beantown Pub. This photo is less interesting than the first. I want to know what is happening, but the car on the right and the people seem to be quite random. The composition is good. You have done well to keep your verticals parallel. The rounded street corner and its cracks are interesting and lend good support to the bottom of the frame. I enjoy the top half of the frame as well. The church (?) steeple on the right is interesting and you've done well to get the tones where they should be. I think if the two people in the middle of the frame weren't there, it would be much more interesting. Most lines lead to, and frame them, and they are just not that interesting.

Again, great vertical lines give this scene a powerful feeling. The backlit smoke is indeed interesting. I find myself attracted to food vendors at night for this type of shot (and a snack). I would wonder if you could have crossed the street and shot this from the other side. The "Omni Parker House" and the truck in the lower right are not as interesting as the steam / smoke. The street lamps on the left are more interesting and might have been given more emphasis from a different angle (closer?)

Fantastic! Great leading lines at the bottom of the frame! The bullseye of tones is beautiful. Quiet streetscape late at night. Moody. My only suggestion is the poster / advertisement (?) one the left edge of the frame could be darkened in post. It is bright and has a face on it. Could probably be cropped. Watch your verticals on this one. The right hand side shows a leaning building and this clean shot deserves to be geometrically clean as well. A tilt shift lens could be of use here.

Good geometry. Well exposed. The subject is not clear (end of the day?) Parking garage.

Good. Not sure about the need for super high contrast on this one. The foreground looks interesting, but might be a bit hidden in shadow. I am also not a big fan of framing with a tree branch in the top of the frame. This image is strong enough without it.

Again, well composed and exposed. This is an image that needs to be vied large to appreciate. Everything is "happening" in the lower left and lower 1/4 of the frame. The top 3/4 is beautiful and gives good support. Great sky and matched exposure of the street lights (I am assuming this is not a composite)

Wow! Excellent image. Beautiful cityscape. The street is well positioned to lead the viewer into the photo and invites travel through the detail offered. Great sky, exposed / processed perfectly.

My least favorite. The buildings feel kneecapped. The "equitable" is distracting. The sky is nice, but that is not enough for me to want to hand around this one.

You have a great eye for this kind of photography. Your compositions are interesting and your technical ability is obvious. Keep up the great work and keep sharing.

Do you ever print large? The second to last image would look great 20x30 in a nice heavy black frame / 4" eggshell white matte.

Thanks for sharing.

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