X-Pro 1 and the Super Wide-Heliar 12mm f/5,6

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X-Pro 1 and the Super Wide-Heliar 12mm f/5,6

X-Pro 1 >> Hawk's Factory Helicoid Adapter >> 12/5,6 VM ASPH II lens

My full review can be read here .

I've had this combo for almost a year. The 12mm lens is not a lens I use very often. It is simply too wide for me. I don't yet understand how to shoot ultra wide. But I must for covering audio shops in Tokyo and throughout Japan.

I bought the 12mm lens rather than wait for the Zeiss precisely because I don't yet trust mirrorless systems. I have no idea if five years down the road X will still be around. Ditto NEX, etc. I use what I know and will stick with it until it no longer works. I hope that will be indefinitely.

The 12mm is a good lens. It is sharp enough, and super wide. With the right corner fix profile it works very well on APS-C. Vignetting is great for B&W photography and the purple colour cast becomes part of the selling, not a detracting pointof the image.

This lens went with me to Canada and the States this year. I took it hiking and up and down the North American West Coast. I found that I could not handle it in nature. It was too wide. Or the way I shot was too approximate. I didn't find the right subject or the right angle. I am still looking.

I've gone into more detail in my review of the combo at ohm image. I wanted to throw in for this lens and this combo here.

Precisely: this lens looks fab on the X-Pro 1. I think a number of us should feel free to admit that a large part of why we bought the X-Pro 1 is because of its looks. I've been careful to rear a good staple of lenses that look great on it. No SLR lenses. No deep flange lenses. All LTM/M, all compact. While this lens isn't compact, it does embody that compact mindset that makes real rangefinders and lenses such wonderful travel cameras.

Summary - good:

- super wide
- decent build quality
- quite sharp
- works well with CornerFix profiles
- adaptable to any mirroless and all M cameras
Summary - bad:
- some decentring is common
- focus wobble
- requires extra step of CornerFix

As I get better with this lens I hope to highlight it better with better photographs, which I will upload to my gallery here. If you have any questions, shoot. I've been using this lens both professionally and casually for about 10 months. I hope I have gleaned some knowledge in that time.

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