EF-M 11-22 or EF-S 10-22?

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Re: EF-M 11-22 or EF-S 10-22?

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I think you've already made up your mind but as another data point I have both, use both, have the adapter for the EOS M but never use the 10-22 on the EOS M. In terms of IQ the two might as well be identical. I realize technically that's not true and if you pixel peep or look at MTF charts you'll see pros and cons for each, but if you just look at photos taken with either they will look virtually the same. So the big decider is really the size. The 11-22mm EF-m is small enough to fit into pant pockets in a pinch (YMMV depending upon pants tightness). The 10-22 in comparison is huge and bulky and that's not even including the extra bulk of the adapter.

I kind of regret buying the EOS M EF adapter altogether to be honest because while it works great technically for me the EOS M has become all about having a flexible "good-enough-IQ" camera with me everywhere that is portable and as soon as you start adapting EF/EF-s lenses you lose that portability... So I still have the 10-22 for my 70D and love that lens, and the 11-22mm for my M and love that lens as well, but you really should decide based on the size convenience, IMO.

Thanks for the confirmation. Pretty much "Good enough" indeed!

Regarding the adapter; might be fun to toy around with but I don't really own such high end glass to justify it.

If I ever get the gear-no-compromise-hobbies-are-costly itch, I'll probably trade in the T4i and EF-S lenses for a full frame. But only for a 70D-like full frame which might take a while...



One great reason to have the adapter is the EF-S 60mm macro lens. For me, that lens alone justifies the, now pretty cheap, adapter.

Another, is the 40mm pancake. Tiny, relatively fast at f/2.8 and sharper than any of the EF-M or EF-S zooms.

The 35mm f/2 IS USM is the exact same weight and basically the exact same size as the 60mm macro.  To me, that's the combo that many are overlooking on the M.

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