Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 or a Canon 28mm F1.8 for shooting family events

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Re: Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 or a Canon 28mm F1.8 for shooting family events

Indiana25 wrote:

Warning. Newbie post.

Having just bought the 70D after a long break from film SLR shooting, I have had my first series of family Christmas events to shoot with a DSLR. I've had a blast and learned a lot about the digital medium.

I have the 18-135 STM and like it for general shooting, but have found that for the vast majority of my event shooting I used the 50 1.8 II as it has allowed me to shoot kids, candids and activity shots indoors without a flash. The trouble is that in a number of instances it has been hard to use given the small sizes of a number of rooms. So, I am thinking I need to buy something a bit more ideal for my location.

In considering another prime with a shorter focal length such as the Canon 28mm f1.8, I put the Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 on my list for an alternative. What would you advise? Buy another prime such as a 28 1.8 or go for the Sigma? I love primes, but the Sigma sounds promising.

If the price, size, and weight of the Sigma don't bother you, then it's definitely the way to go!  Just know that it's more than twice the length and more than twice the weight.  The Sigma is twice the price too!

The only thing that the Canon outperforms the Sigma in is vignetting which is easily fixable in post. Everything else the Sigma wins and sometimes wins by a very large margin - including sharpness wide open at 28mm.

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