Is the D610 a Significant Upgrade Over a D700?

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Re: For what it maybe worth...

Rob - I've got both and the 700 is still the great camera it always was, but I never use it.

I was shooting real-estate commercially and decided I needed a second body after my 700 sensor failed during one shoot. So much for vaunted 700 quality from my POV.

I also had to replace all the rubber "skins" on mine at one point, and the front wheel on mine sticks as does the on/oof switch.

But basically the 600 sensor bests the 700 sensor and it's not subtle, especially at base ISO where the resolution and DR really stand out, but also at hi ISO where it is a full stop better at least (files viewed at same print/file size). Using in-camera NR I regularly shoot 600 JPGs to ISO Hi .7 (about 10,000) and it's quite amazing what the camera will produce. The 600 JPG engine is much better. I always considered the 700 to be a RAW only box.

A small detail never mentioned in this regard is that the "contrast" slider in the picture style menus is not disabled when you have ADL on, as it is with the 700. This means you can setup JPGs much more usefully in the 600.

For the tripod work I do the 600 Live View is also just much better.

The quieter shutter is a big plus.

U1/U2 are a big plus

I've not found the 600 build less durable in any actual way, the lighter body is nice, actually. I do miss the more direct 700 ergonomics, but am now used to the 600 button layout including assigning AF-on to the AF/AE-L button and moving exposure lock to one of the front buttons - works for me. The 600 with the Nikon grip works out to be nearly perfect for my hands handling my 14-24 - the gripped 700 always felt a little to large/heavy and the un-gripped 700 a little small for handling the 14-24.

I'd say about the only thing the 700 does better is obviously frame rate (if you have the grip) and the 51 pt system still has a bit of an edge tracking (but not hugely) - so the 700/grip is probably still a better high volume action camera, but that is not what I do, so there it sits - I should sell mine.

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