GX7 inaccurate exposure preview and electronic shutter behaving differently in A and M mode (pics)

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GX7 inaccurate exposure preview and electronic shutter behaving differently in A and M mode (pics)


I have noticed that exposure preview in EVF is not accurate unless camera is in manual mode. In aperture priority pictures comes out darker or lighter than seen in evf or lcd. It's easy to notice when one second image preview after each shot is set on camera (and it's most obvious when shot in darker places). In manual mode it's not present at all and exposure is previewed accurately.

What's even weirder banding caused because of interaction of the electronic shutter with the fluorescent lights is different when shot in manual mode vs aperture priority mode
for example: 50hz fluorescent light doesn't cause banding when shot with electronic shutter at 1/25 1/50 or 1/100 (banding is even accurately previewable on lcd or evf but again only in M manual mode)

both pics shot at 1/100s iso1600 and in aperture priority banding is present (left) manual mode banding is not present (right)

same here 1/50s iso 800

I have shot many more pics yesterday at different shutter speeds and iso settings with same results. I think those two observations are connected to each other and there is something weird and unequal in aperture priority mode. None of this is present on my second camera EM1 (I know there is no electronic shutter but exposure previews are equally accurate in every mode)

I know that many may not care about electronic shutter at all but I'm sure everyone would like to have accurate exposure preview in evf not only while in manual mode so I guess it's rather important issue.

Olympus E-M1 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7
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