Is the D610 a Significant Upgrade Over a D700?

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Re: For what it maybe worth...

Rob Tomlin wrote:

Thanks for some excellent responses.

The way that I'm reading this is that I would get some benefits from the D610 over my D700, but I'd actually be taking a step backwards in a few areas as well.

Better dynamic range is certainly a plus that I would enjoy. More resolution would also be nice. Sounds like higher ISO performance is only slightly better. But to actually have a downgrade in AF ability (even if slight), and a consumer type of body instead of the pro feel of my D700, I'm thinking that upgrading to the D610 from my D700 doesn't make much sense.

I think this really goes to show what a breakthrough camera the D700 really was, given it's been on the market for more than 5 years.

If I'm going to upgrade, I'm probably going to need to look closer at the D800 despite the huge file sizes.

About "consumer type of body"

In support of my ageing D300s I had buy D7100. After 1 week of using D7100 body I completely fit in a new smaller body concept and never return to D300. So I dislike D800/D700/D300 style body and found D600/D7100 with grip much more alike to D4 body in handling.

In My opinion difference which body is actually better lies in your lens choices. if you avoid using of f/2.8 pro zooms then D600 body with grip had perfect handling.

But for "big three" f/2.8 zooms D700/D800 body more comfortable.

Differense lies around 800 g mass lens. So f/4 zooms are good for D610 but f/2.8 not.

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