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Re: Watch it: Short movie made by A57K

splashy wrote:

I don't like the unsharp parts of almost every shot

I disagree, most of them are really good. And it's HIS artistic style, and this is not desirable to change because it's really really good.

About my feeling, I know what you mean, but what is a LITTLE disturbing for some rushes (and only some because most of the time is more than perfect and full of life to my side) is the latency between the fuzzy part and the in-focus desired DOF part. Here it's a question of rythm only (according to "personal will" of course.

and the moralistic approach about smoking and littering.

Well, this is another question depending of many things, very long debate. The real things is that the original poster have a good sense of the image and know well the way to get the spectator following his script, prove of it you react on it.. And as he wrote, he doing all by himself mostly. Difficult to have a right criticism on you're own job in a complex workflow as a movie is, (and what is required, all specifically dedicated for a targeted public, with his own "cultural codes" even if a moralistic approach dosen't match with the goal you're proposed to achieve: but who knows[?] does "our" civilization no need any moralism if not in a dogmatic way[?] i'm not sure, so... long philosophico-psychologico-sociologic (and interesting) debate and a question of cultural perception too, or better, for short: all that require a sort of inoculation of a real "culture of prevention" against tabagism. (and other drugs) and it's not the job of a film maker (or it's difficult to achieve it, because it's picky:  "which message, for what public, when and where that are all the questions).

I miss dynamics, which is strange because it should be very busy on certain locations you filmed,

I have the diametrically opposite feeling, I think the OP tried to give that dynamic to his clip, and he achieved it very well. I will only agree a "rupture of dynamic" when (and if) the rythm of blurred "off of DOF sequences" start to be disturbing (if so). But it's really difficult to appreciate when putting nice shots he have in the balance. Maybe a moderate succession of this should help (again a question of overall rythm...), but hey, it's an advertising clip and it should not modified as much. Because a touch of "showing off" is required.

I love the colors and the shots with incense burning near the temple and on the balcony.

Agreed, all that is really beautifull.

Very nice.


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