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Big Ga wrote:

veroman wrote:

Big Ga wrote:


Have you painted/cloned in the white band of snow right at the bottom of the image?

Simply an absurd question. Fini ...

Nothing absurd about it at all.

What's absurd is calling it absurd! why is it an 'absurd' question? one only has to look at how white the snow is at the bottom, yet in the first image you posted, all the other snow is bluish. It just looks strange. There might be a valid reason for it, but I don't see how the question is absurd. Please explain.

It always amazes me how people with such keen eyes for minor artifacts struggle to understand why some snow may be whiter than others without implying trickery or manipulation on the part of the OP.

Snow could be whiter due to a slight rise and fall of the ground on the run up to the rock section, in fact you can see the same brightness in other areas of snow in the image.

One of the run things about LCD screens is out ability to change the viewing angle, especially on laptops, and it offers a good way to see certain image detail, generally when anyone clones we get repetitive Patterns and streaking, fuzzing etc. However if you tilt the screen of your laptop to an extreme angle away from you you will see none of the telltale signs of manipulation.

Seems that some of these cases of false image detail can be fixed quite well in software. I imagine this will only get better over time both with increasing resolution and computing power.

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