SX 50 and bonsai photos

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SX 50 and bonsai photos

Yesterday was my birthday and I got a SX 50 canon as a birthday present, unfortunately the photographer is still the same. This is the second camera I am getting as a present this year, and this new one looks almost the same outside like the old one.hx 100v. (I could not see this well I am old)

I actulally was hoping for a slr or dslr camera but I am terrified even more by them.

I have been reading this forum and the more I read the more confused I get. I also downloaded all the links mentioned on other threads.

I do bonsai and the most important thing for me is to be able to get good pictures of my bonsai. Heeeeeelp please!

I was told to put the camera around 3 m away, zoom in the object, and take a picture with a flash. I have not tried it yet.

Can someone point me to some settings I can try for taking good pictures of bonsai? (That is all I want to do)

I have a dark blue velvet screen I made myself and can use the wall too or make another screen. I can not buy one here.

I need to take good pictures for the competition.

This is the best I have managed with the Soni at night at home but not in complete darkness:

But I would like to be able to take pictures like this:

Please give me some settings I can try. I have a tripod.

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