Is the Df a dud? Friend wants to buy.

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Re: Is the Df a dud? Friend wants to buy.

1. Df is not a dud, but it is a more niche camera than anything Nikon has introduced since the D4 and its predecessors.

2. Jumping from a point & shoot to a pro or a semi-pro camera is like jumping from a Honda Insight to a Porsche or Corvette.

The learning curve is steep and the results are likely to disappoint until you learn to master photography.

Also, the X100s and the Df are really two different cameras.  Given she has camera looks as one of the more important criteria in selecting a camera tells me that the Df may not be the best camera for her.

I think a little soul searching is in order for her to first lay down what her photography goals are and then select a camera that best helps her meet those needs.  Notice I said needs instead of wants.

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