Deciding to buy a GX7 over an E-M1

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Re: Deciding to buy a GX7 over an E-M1

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WAlso, I like all the customisable buttons the E-M1 offers; really help make the processes much faster and easier.

Doesn't the GX7 and even the G6 have more customisable buttons than the E-M1?

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Doubtful, EM1 has 6, fn1, fn2, record, front1, front2, AEL/AFL, plus you can set the 4-way controller to be custom buttons too, so that's what 10? And the 2x2 lever system gives you even more if you need it. All that before you even consider the fixed function buttons for drive/time/hdr, and af/metering.

The GH3 comes close in terms of physical controls, but I think the EM1 still has more.

Apologies then, I've just counted them on the G6 and it's 8. What I can't do is customise the 4-way controller, now that would be nice. Oh no, I now have customizable button envy.

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Honestly the EM-1 has so many customize-able buttons that I have trouble assigning useful functions to them all. But then I shoot in raw so the color creator, highlight/shadow adjustment, etc is useless to me.

Also there is no option to assign a button to spot metering toggle, now that I would really like, a physical switch for it like my A900 would be even better.

You could set spot metering to one of the Mysets and assign THAT to a button.
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Oh thats an interesting idea. Is there a way to save a single function to a myset?

I was under the impression that saving to a myset would save all of the current settings.

edit: I just tried it an it works, but it saves all settings too so, if I had +1.3 exposure comp and then hit the spot meter myset button it resets it back to 0. Unforunate, as this seems really clever.

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