Please help me choose: 6D body only, lens kit or keep my money ?

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Re: Please help me choose: 6D body only, lens kit or keep my money ?

JLGW wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

I would consider the 6D the beginner level camera of the FF line. It is not a direct correlation to the cameras available in 2003, but does reflect a step or two up as to how a beginner camera is defined, the price you are paying if inflation adjusted for 2003 in US dollars will cost less than a beginner level crop of 2003.

Thank you. You're making my purchase look more reasonable

I voted for the 6D/24-105 option but if your math is correct and the 6D/24-70/4 is only $130 more, that's a harder choice than I first thought when I voted because the 24-70/4 is more than $130 better than the 24-105.

I'd love to hear more opinions and comments about that.

At the price I can get it, it is indeed only $130 USD more expensive.

Is the overall quality and usability so much better that it justifies losing 35mm worth of range while paying 130 USD more for it ?

panoviews wrote:

You can always get something like a used 24-70mm or a 24-105mm later on. The combination of the DSLR body and a prime lens is small and lightweight. You can also concentrate on the fixed field of view of the prime lens, and taking more and more picture you will learn how to "frame" instantly your scene. And you can always "zoom" walking to or further away from your object.

You make a good point. This would be good practice in order to get used to a full-frame sensor and learn how to position myself in a scene to take a good shot (instead of relying on the zoom).

However, if I forego any of those kits, I'd feel like I'd be passing up a too good deal, considering their price brand new when not included with a camera.

For example, the price I'd be paying for the 6D + 24-105 lens (brand new) would be the same, if not slightly less expensive than buying 6D brand new first and then, refurbished 24-105 lens later.

As for the 6D + 24-70 4L kit, it is definitely less expensive to buy them together brand new than camera first and then, refurbished lens later.

I could add the 40mm pancake lens to my list of immediate purchases (it would only be about 115 USD second-hand) but will I actually use it, when I already have a zoomable lens ? (I know, I am just running around in circles...)

This leads me to another question: if one has either of those lenses (24-70 F4L or 24-105 F4L), is the other required/must-have down the line ?

If both lenses are a must-have and I want to cut down on costs in the long run, it might be best to get the 24-70 kit now and get a refurbished 24-105 later. This would cost less than the other way around.

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