Deciding to buy a GX7 over an E-M1

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Re: Deciding to buy a GX7 over an E-M1

I think you made a great decision. I've been in µ4/3 since 2009 and the differences between the camera IQ now is not where it's at any more. The advances have been phenomenal.

Consider that my (1+ year old) E-M5 has the same sensor rating as my Canon full frame 5D that I still sometimes use.

Now it's about features and camera usability... but that can and should be a very personal thing.

I've used both the E-M1 and the GX7.  They are both excellent.

The reasons I think you made the right choice:

Rangefinder body style ...very personal but important to me

Only rangefinder style yet in µ4/3 with both built in EVF and flash.

Silent shutter. E-M1 is not loud and beautiful like my A7's shutter, but it can't go truly as silent as the GX7 can. Can be important in many settings.

Extremely customizable through external buttons and easy to set, although not as much as my Sony A7, but still better than the E-M1 IMO. E-M1 is very customizable, but you have to know Olympus menu system, which is great, but has a steep learning curve. Still I like the buttons on the GX7.

For a cam to be so well thought out and executed, the ONLY misstep  by Panasonic, IMO, was not to put auto ISO in manual mode. I use my full frame MF lenses on µ4/3 sometimes and they are MF...and I really benefit from auto thing I have come to dislike about my 5D... it doesn't have it. Yes I can work around it but if you plan on using MF lenses, that is a consideration.

Then last but not least...features and IQ for price. Of course you really can't argue that well here because there are many who know that there's great value in last or a few years old models.

Still the GX7 is a MUCH better value... especially if you get the body only at $728, which I saw yesterday at Samy's.

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