Deciding to buy a GX7 over an E-M1

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Gerry Siegel
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Re: Second guessing a purchase decision - not good

brick33308 wrote:

This is sort of an odd thread. You already bought the GX7 so why second guess your purchase? do you really need validation after the fact? What happens if the conflicting responses to your question lead you to believe you made a mistake? Answer - you won't joy your new camera like you should. Do yourself a favor. right now walk away from your computer and this forum, and go out and shoot! That should give you all the validation you could hope for.

Hard not to indulge in what if and comparisoning.  The two cameras are first rate.  Yes, you made a lousy decision if you want to know the truth.  So you saved four hundred dollars.  Two day passes to Disneyland.  About 200 medium size stuffed crust pizzas.  Four pair of quality running shoes.  A pair of Michelin racing tires. Big deal.  Are they as much fun as the pride of owning Olympus's flagship.  Flagship as in the carrier that held Admiral Halsey through the Pacific.  And won the war against all those camera loving souls who gave us technical hell with better aircraft and a Banzai spirit to boot.  So get the banzai spirit and forge ahead with what you bought.  And don't look back.  Attack!  Retreat Hell. Take No Prisoners! Me, oh I got an E-M1, a capitalist type with no bank dividends worth a fart. So I spend and spend....

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