Back focus or motion blur.

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Re: Back focus or motion blur.

(1) You need to use AF-C ("continuous servo") to get a shot like that.

You must start off by putting the focus point on the subject, then half press the shutter button to start AF tracking, then press all the way when you want to take the shot.

(2) Even if you start with the center focus point, you want the camera to have the option to switch points as it continuously refocuses. So, you need to set the AF "area" to something other than single. Try 9-point or 21-point. "3D" mode could work for a shot like this with a single player, but can get confused if there are multiple players wearing the same color jersey.

(3) You should also consider setting your shutter mode to CH ("continuous high-speed") in order to capture multiple images in "machine-gun mode".

(4) Nothing wrong with using f/1.8 for this shot, you need it in order to keep the shutter speed high and the ISO low. Gym lighting is almost never ideal.

Practice, practice, practice! Moving subjects (especially sports) are much more challenging than stationary subjects.

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