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dbledsoe wrote:

Sadly I guess it is time to give up on this thread. It should have been good, could have been great, but it lost it's mojo. I think it better when it was talking specifically to Leica lenses and the GXR camera.

Got my Leica 50/2.5 Hektor back from CLA via Focal Point yesterday but think I will start a new thread to address that. This thread is lame.

Merry Christmas to all!


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Don, the trouble with Leica lenses are that they are either eye-poppingly expensive, great and beyond the purview of insatiable collectors like myself, and the affordable ones are nicely made but very heavy and maybe not really as good as some other makes.  A bit like buying a Mercedes 180 to leisurely bask in the afterglow of "a Merc" when you could have more performance from a Toyota and just as much comfort for less money.

I have two Leica lenses - the 50mm collapsible, beatifully made out of a solid billet, lovely to hold and look at but probably heavier than a GXR body.  The other is a beautifully made, looks and feels pristine, but very internally hazed Hektor 135.  My "cheap" 1955 Jupiter-11 135/4.5 LTM Sonnar, clean, as new, copy will walk all over it.  Maybe the Hektor will perk up a bit when I get around to cleaning it properly.

Some folks rightly say that you are better off with two or three Leica lenses than fifty lenses of lesser pedigree.  But maybe I am not into perfect images, just having fun.  Also I am too tight to buy a "good" Leica to see what I might be missing out on ...  but if you only have three expensive Leica lenses there is a limit to what might be discussed ...

Same thing with Zeiss lenses, but I do have quite a few CZJ lenses in M42 mount but I think they hardly count.

Might we compare the CZJ 20/4 Flektogon with the equally nice Mir-20A 20/3.5?  Both saucer sized object lenses and great performers with macro-like close focus.  Hardly your tiny RF breed though.

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