Is the Df a dud? Friend wants to buy.

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Re: Mannequins Approve Of The Df

Alpha Tech wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

Alpha Tech wrote:

Downtown mannequins everywhere are discussing the new Df. No serious fashionista should be without one.

...that may very well be the case, but...

...what does this image proof other than you have some WB problems? Probably because you have used AWB that there is a yellow cast in the image, same as every other Nikon I know of is taking. No camera is perfect in AWB and the Df is no exception in this light.


This image captured the soft light in the way it was intended for the downtown display. I am NOT going to alter it for you or anyone else.

I see. It is MEANT to be yellowish... Well, the way I see it you can NEVER know how the image will look like if you shoot with AWB, but of course, it is your image, don't alter it if you are happy with it, though I still don't understand what this image will prove.

BTW, I guess you meant to capture the WARM light. The softness does not change with correct WB, the image would still be as soft as it is.

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