Is the Df a dud? Friend wants to buy.

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Re: Is the Df a dud? Friend wants to buy.

Len_Gee wrote:

Is Nikon grasping for straws with the Df?

No, but Nikon made a camera many wanted. A retro style niche camera for people who are interested in the design more than in the camera.

A non-geek friend who is a fashion designer is enamored with the retro styling , and Nikon imaging reputation.

She wants to upgrade from a Canon S95 P&S. Her choices are Nikon Df or possibly looking at Fuji X100s.

From the S95 I believe everything is an upgrade. I think a DSLR might be a huge step for her, but I might be wrong.

She will use for travel vacations , and social type photos.

Why not a mirrorless? Lighter, cheaper and many ways better for those purposes and they are also MILES ahead of the S95.

The reason I ask is because she researched a couple of online photo review sites that said the Df is a dud:


Too expensive@ $2800+. Poor value for money spent.

Yes, the Df is far too expensive for what it does. She should wait until the summer, I think the prices will drop like a brick.

Poor ergonomics. Better to go with conventional Nikon DSLR (But she does not like the styling too much.)

Yes, in my opinion a proper DSLR has better ergonomics but if she wants o buy the best looking DSLR then the Df is the right camera. On the other hand, she sounds like she will need a pop-up flash now and then and the Df has none...

Thanks for any advice I can recommend to her.

Make her buy a mirrorless camera, I think that is the best for her. Good luck.

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