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Jim, yes, your query produced at least one hit. But nowhere in the listing does it actually say which mount it is. You know that it is DKL, and I do, but what about the rest of the world? Contrast that with other listings of SK lenses in which the mount type is stated explicitly in the narrative description. Best of luck in your quest for a good copy of this lens. Let us know what happens.


Run: Received today both the SK DKL 35mm f.2.8 lens (ordered from eBay at what I thought was a quite reasonable price -- $80 USD) in excellent condition, and the Fotodiox DKL:>Nikon adapter (which joined perfectly with my Nikon:>M-mount adapter) on my GXR. The lens aperture settings on the DKL Fotodiox adapter meshed perfectly with the aperture mechanism on the lens, and were clearly marked and easy to set on the adapter's barrel. And no problem with infinity focus. So, I am very pleased that that adapter combination worked out well, and is a good alternative option, especially for those of us who also use Nikon lenses with our GXR. Now, for some picture-taking -- when the rain here in Seattle stops. Jim

I hate to butt in here, but I think that I have the entire run of the SK lenses for the Kodak Retina in DKL mount.  Even the "85" and the "90" - neither of which overly impress me, but they are physically quite small and I should use them more.  The pick of the crop is the 50/1.9 imho. The 28/4 is a good lens as well, also of the "larger" variety.  The worst is the huge 200/4.5 with its "far away" closest focus and the focus ring right at the back of the lens.  Combined with the weight, it surely is a tripod only lens for the patient and fixed point focus.  I have used it on a helicoid adapter and this brings close focus to a much more reasonable distance.  It is a quite sharp lens but not over friendly in use. There are several designs for the 135/4 - some only cosmetically different.

I bought no Rodenstock versions, too expensive (rare?) for this "tight fist".

I think that I read somewhere that there was some problem with the DKLmount itself that made it difficult to make really fast lenses.  But there seems no doubt that the glass was good and of high quality and the lenses seem sharp enough.

I have used the Yeenon DKL to M42 adapter.  They do make other adapters but as I have a lot of M42 mount lenses "converting" my DKL lenses to M42 makes sense.  I have no experience with Fotodiox but am a firm believer of "what works, works".  The Yeenon product is an example of technical excellence and would be hard to surpass.

By having a lot of M42 means that I can use M42 to NEX focal reducers and therefore convert my DKL lenses (and others) to effective FF capability and gain a speed stop in the process.  The effective guesstimate for the 50/1.9 would be "53/1.3" which makes that lens an uber-sharp powerhouse.

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