D800 ISO 1600 and above

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Re: D800 ISO 1600 and above

primeshooter wrote:

The main advantage of using 6400 in camera is that you gain 2 stops of shutter speed - assuming you keep the same aperture and in low light I find that it is getting a shutter speed that is high enough is the challenge rather than aperture.

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Iain Morrison LRPS CPAGB

No you don't properly understand this. Switch out of aperture priority to manual and just put whatever shutter speed you require in low light with your iso at 1600. It matters not how dark the shot is as you simply boost in post and you maintained the shutter speed and more highlights data than shooting at 6400.

Well, it isn't entirely true. The only truth is that this work flow will no doubt result in a lot of extra PP work, so if it is meaningful at all, it is only usable if you only take a few images at a time and have very few to work with since you can't really keep a constant exposure unless everything else is constant. I mean, when you move around the light will change, resulting in uneven exposure, meaning that each image must be developed individually and if you have many images the work needed might be unreasonably high. In my opinion, if you don't like noise or you don't know how to handle it, stay away from high ISO.

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