Is the Df a dud? Friend wants to buy.

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Re: Is the Df a dud? Friend wants to buy.

Len_Gee wrote:

Is Nikon grasping for straws with the Df?

A non-geek friend who is a fashion designer is enamored with the retro styling , and Nikon imaging reputation.

She wants to upgrade from a Canon S95 P&S. Her choices are Nikon Df or possibly looking at Fuji X100s.

She will use for travel vacations , and social type photos.

The reason I ask is because she researched a couple of online photo review sites that said the Df is a dud:


Too expensive@ $2800+. Poor value for money spent.

Poor ergonomics. Better to go with conventional Nikon DSLR (But she does not like the styling too much.)

Thanks for any advice I can recommend to her.

Thanks to all who have replied so far.

Just wanted to mention she is more of a fashionista, and concerned about how she would look with a cool retro-like camera when she is attending social events.

She's in her 20's and never shot film but thinks the Df looks like an old film Nikon F (?), and Fuji X100 look like Leica M3 (?). To her, both look "cool".

Maybe Fuji X100 is more suitable since it is cheaper than Df? I sirmise she doesn't know the difference would be since Df has better IQ than X100.

But she also expressed going further in the future with photography.

And yes, she is in the Fashion industry.  


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