Deciding to buy a GX7 over an E-M1

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Re: Deciding to buy a GX7 over an E-M1

Ricky JJ wrote:


This month I decided it's finally time to upgrade my GH2.
I was set to buy either the GX7 or the E-M1. I spent a few days pouring over reviews, and finally decided to buy the GX7.
This is what made me decide:
Bypassing the super hype for the E-M1, I couldn't find enough differences in IQ and features to justify the price difference. I payed $728 on the GX7 body, while the E-M1 was $1400. With the price difference, I was able to buy a nice lens (The Pana 25mm 1.4) and still have leftover money.

From what I gathered, the image quality and low light performance is pretty much the same. The E-M1 has in body stabilization (which the Gx7 also has, though not as good) and weather sealing, while the GX7 is more compact and does better video (something I value).

Am I wrong? Do you think I made a good decision?? I couldn't find anything that really justifies an almost 700 dollar price difference, and the GX7 still seems like an awesome camera for my needs!

You can't go wrong with either, they're both very good cameras. Each has its special flair.

I picked the E-M1 over the GX7 on the basis of its support for my FourThirds SLR lenses. Beyond that, the quality of its EVF is extraordinary, even compared to the GX7, and the camera's overall responsiveness in use is a mite better than anything else in this price class. The ability to fit a battery grip for use with larger, heavier lenses is a big plus for me too as the FT SLR lenses and the Leica R lenses I occasionally adapt to the camera are somewhat large and heavy.

I've not worried one bit about how much better or worse the image quality from this camera is vs the GX7. Both are outstanding, good enough to say "no matter."

Enjoy whichever you pick.

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