Sparrowhawk with FZ200 and TC-E17ED

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Re: Sparrowhawk with FZ200 and TC-E17ED

Thanks so much Vicki for turning me on to your link!  I find it most helpful and full of li'l tidbits of good use!  Yesterday I was out on my first field trip and noticed I kept seeing my WB graph so much get a furniture pad to cure that!  One other question, what type of tripod mount ring are you using?  That's about all I need to feel comfy that I don't damage anything by being out of balance.

I did run across a Red-shouldered hawk and spent about 45 minutes with it!  It was in search of food and kept moving from tree to tree as I followed along patiently.  I was using a monopod which I don't feel comfortable with as I'm a little shaky at my tender age.  I feel like I can do a lot better with a tripod and will stick with that.  Still, I am pleasantly surprised with my first run.

Thanks so much for your tips!


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