XF18 on X-Pro1 focus issues with version 3.10 firmware

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Re: XF18 on X-Pro1 focus issues with version 3.10 firmware

Don't know what to think, I did reset the X-Pro1 yesterday evening, took out the battery, unmounted the lens, leave it like that over night. Just put it all together 30 minutes ago, tried it with some basic settings.

It is not how I remember it was prior the lens FW update, but it is not as slow and inaccurate either as it was just after the update. It's somewhere between, then again, it may just be I get used to how it behaves now.

There has been more accuracy and quick response, but I think I can go on with it, until the next FW update, which hopefully comes for a reason or another and fixes what is just going on with this lens.

I don't know where your located but you can try mine to compare. Many say that they don't see a difference but I do. The 18 & 27 have saved themselves from eBay because I see a noticeable improvement.

I'm in Philly, USA.

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