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The main advantage of using 6400 in camera is that you gain 2 stops of shutter speed - assuming you keep the same aperture and in low light I find that it is getting a shutter speed that is high enough is the challenge rather than aperture.

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No you don't properly understand this. Switch out of aperture priority to manual and just put whatever shutter speed you require in low light with your iso at 1600. It matters not how dark the shot is as you simply boost in post and you maintained the shutter speed and more highlights data than shooting at 6400.

I have been using this method for several months and love the results. I have been trying to find the post someone wrote about the information lost when raising the ISO above (I think) 1600 in camera compared to info retained when boosting in PP since I don't really understand the "why" of it and wanted to reread the post. Does anyone remember and have a link? Thanks,

At settings above ISO 1600, the camera itself uses only digital gain, and no further analog gain.  By applying digital gain in post, rather than in the camera, the results would be mathematically identical.  By deferring the decision to boost until later, as a matter of choice, you risk losing fewer highlights that might otherwise have been sacrificed.

A typical case might be shooting buildings at night.  The matrix meter might elect to sacrifice a few highlights (e.g., from light bulbs) in order to give balance to the rest of the scene.  Dialing back the gain will help to preserve the highlights without penalty to the rest of the scene.  Boost the parts that you want to boost, and leave the parts that you don't want to boost where they are.

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