GXR Lenses, lensors & Misc.

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Re: GXR Lenses, lensors & Misc.

dbledsoe wrote:

Sadly I guess it is time to give up on this thread. It should have been good, could have been great, but it lost it's mojo. I think it better when it was talking specifically to Leica lenses and the GXR camera.

Got my Leica 50/2.5 Hektor back from CLA via Focal Point yesterday but think I will start a new thread to address that. This thread is lame.

Merry Christmas to all!


Don: I'll be following your new thread with interest. Did you, by the way, notice my report last week on my successful usage of alternative Fotodiox adapters with my newly acquired DKL lenses (I now have both the 35mm and the 50mm)? Regards, Jim

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