Deciding to buy a GX7 over an E-M1

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Re: Deciding to buy a GX7 over an E-M1

I'm in the same situation except that I'm going from Panasonic's GF1 to (potentially) the GX7 w/ two Panasonic lenses - the 20mm and the 7-14mm. For the reason cited by the OP I'm leaning toward the GX7 as well. What I can't find is a full-throated discussion of the flash capabilities of the GX7. In particular the (tethered) off-camera flash capabilities. I understand that the body doesn't allow for full auto-TTL (again, tethered). I understand the EM1 does. Also, on the GF1 the pop-up flash and 7-14mm combination doesn't work. The flash catches the lens barrel and casts a prominent shadow within the image frame. (The guy at cameralabs noted significant artifacts when he put the 7-14 on an EM1.) Is the same true on the GX7?

So flash, anyone (including the OP - sorry, I hope I'm not hijacking your thread, just trying to sort out some more GX7/EM1 questions) have any thoughts/comments/flash unit recommendations? I'm I missing or misunderstanding something?

And the second larger question is, is there enough of a difference between the two bodies (GF1-GX7) to warrant the upgrade?

Many thanks and Merry Christmas to everyone!

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