Please help me choose: 6D body only, lens kit or keep my money ?

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Re: Please help me choose: 6D body only, lens kit or keep my money ?

JLGW wrote:

TL;DR: Please answer the poll

Hello. Since this is my first post, a little self-introduction and background is in order

I'm a beginner who started photography a few months ago with a DSLR borrowed from a friend (a Canon 1000D with a 18-55 lens)

So far, I really enjoy photography and find myself going out more often, specifically to take pictures. Now the camera never leaves me when I'm going out on weekends/evenings.

I'm trying to shoot anything I can and try to find my style. So far, I've enjoyed mostly anything (nature, close-ups, people, city architecture etc). You can see some of my photos here

I decided I wanted to get my own camera and while there are many choices, I want a full-frame (really like landscapes, wide-angle shots etc) so my first choice would be the 6D.

I currently live in Japan and Canon is doing a promotional campaign until the 13th of January where they give back between 10000 and 20000 yens, depending on what you get (about 100 to 200 USD)

So I have a bit of a dilemma right now. Here are my options:

- body only for about $1390 USD ($1300 USD after MIR from Canon)

- 24-70 F4L IS lens kit for about $2223 USD ($2000 USD after MIR from Canon)

- 24-105 F4L IS lens kit for about $1965 USD ($1870 USD after MIR from Canon)

- keeping my money because spending so much at my level is overkill

I should also mention that if I go the body only option, I'd have to buy a lens as well as I currently don't own any.

I'm leaning towards either the 24-105 F4L lens kit (while shooting with my current camera, I found out I really lack some range) or...not buying at all.

I've added the 24-70 F4L because reviews of the lens put it higher than the 24-105 and it's only 130 USD more expensive.

Any comments ? Recommendations ?

Thanks for the help.

If you are serious about photography, I feel you are making a great decision to get a camera with lots of physical controls instead of a better entry-level camera. I went through a fairly fast progression of cameras, upgrading fairly quickly due to frustrations with having to get into menus every time I wanted to change much of anything. Honestly, I feel people who have really been bitten by the photography bug are better off to start with as good a camera as they can afford straight off, and one that is part of a well-established system. Then, as you grow, your system will not limit you. So, to me, the choice for someone in your situation would be between a 70D and a 6D, kind of a split between some of your poll options.

I have a 6D and really love it, other than the autofocus system, which, other than the center point (which is killer!), is about like your 1000. So, I think you would be getting a great camera in the 6D, and it is an awesome value right now. The 70D is a great camera, too, and a few hundred dollars cheaper, but I think if you want high-quality lenses, you are going to be buying 'full-frame' lenses anyhow, especially for primes, so you don't save any money on lenses. You also don't really save size or weight, as the 6D and 70D are pretty the same size and weight.

The 70D also has more features, such as the flippy-twisty-touchy screen, which can be handy, and it has far superior live view and movie capabilities, if those are important to you. It also has a faster continuous rate, and I think a bigger buffer, if you are interest in shooting sports or moving animals (the AF system should be better at that, too).

Personally, I would recommend the 70D for most people in your situation, but you are already interested in the 6D, so probably have already dismissed the 70D for some reason, and in the end you know your needs better than any of us can.

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