Is the D610 a Significant Upgrade Over a D700?

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For what it maybe worth...

Rob Tomlin wrote:

Been a long time since I've posted here. I've had my D700 since the camera was first released, so I've had it for over 5 years.

Overall I am still happy with the IQ that I get from my D700, but I was thinking that after 5 years that Nikon would have come out with a replacement that would provide improvements in most areas over the D700.

I'm not interested in the D800 because of the huge file sizes for those 36.3 megapixel images.

The D610 seems like the file sizes would be at least a bit more manageable. However, I rarely print larger than 11x14.

In what way would the D610 be an upgrade over the D700 beside the increased resolution? I know it has HD Video, but I have a dedicated HD Camcorder, so not sure how important that would be to me.

Any improvements in areas like AF? Is the sensor improved over the D700?

Seems like I could sell my D700 and upgrade to a D610 without having to shell out a lot of cash, but I'm still not sure if it's worth doing?

Thanks for any opinions on this.

A couple of observations from someone that doesn't have either a D700 or D600 or D800, so for what it is worth...

I am heavily invested in Nikon DX glass and really don't have the need to print much larger than 18x12 or 11x14, my weapon of choice since 2006 has been the D2x which is really getting long in the tooth, so I have been waiting and waiting for the mythical unicorn D400. I recently picked up a D7100 when Amazon had one of their flash sales for under $900.

I believe the D7100 body and D600 are basically the same, build wise. I had anticipated that the build quality and feel of the D7100 would be disappointing, totally wrong. The D7100 feels good in my hands, controls seem to be where I expected them. I haven't given it the drop it out of the back seat of my lifted 4x4 pick up, like I did my D2x, but then it didn't survive too well either. I doubt that you would be too disappointed in the build quality of the D610. I miss the dedicated AF-On button and the built in view finder shade and the lack of a 10 pin connector and PC socket to be somewhat of a PITA.

File size - going from 12mpx to 24mpx does create a processing slow down with my somewhat ancient overclocked Q6600 quad core processor. If you are concerned about the D800 file size, you may find the file size from the D610 an issue as well.

Autofocus with the D7100 CAM 3500 51pt AF system is a major upgrade over my D2x, so you may find the D610 39pt AF system to be a down grade.

I guess you summed it up pretty well with your comment that the price difference between selling your D700 and buying a D610 is very small gives a pretty strong signal that even though used, a D700 still offers a lot of quality for the money...

Good luck with this one... If I had a D700 and some quality FX glass I wouldn't be looking for anything better...

Merry Christmas!

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