Is the D610 a Significant Upgrade Over a D700?

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Re: Is the D610 a Significant Upgrade Over a D700?

romfordbluenose wrote:

So yes it is a significant upgrade as it applies to a lot more photographers than the D700 ever did.

That's pretty much the only point I disagree with.

I think the D600 category (entry-level Full-Frame) is a marketing decision more than anything else. What Nikon hopes for, is that people will get the D600 (now D610) as a stepping stone to something bigger (dare I call it a bait & switch approach?). Of course, that means more $$$ for Nikon.

Sure, everyone has been wanting an "affordable FX body", but that is definitely not what the D600/610 is. People began lusting over an FX body when the D3/D700 came out - and let's face it, their sensor was revolutionary compared to the D2x/D200 to a much greater extent than what the D600 to D700 difference is.

But right now, DX sensors have become much, much better (not to mention the mirrorless market shuffling the deck even further).

Personally, I think FX is something casual photographers don't need (hopefully I don't sound arrogant - I simply mean those who wonder whether they need FX usually don't).

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