My first wedding shoot - D800

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Re: My first wedding shoot - D800

I am not qualified to judge wedding photos, but, I think you have done a great job of capturing the joy and excitement of the couple.

Images are strongly romantic and warm.

I like them.

I admire you people who shoot weddings. You have got nerve.

From photos I do sometimes for work, people asked if I am going to do weddings and I say (honestly) that I do not have the expertise yet, don't have the equipment (no way I am going in *half loaded*) and would have to shoot as assistant to someone else for a year or two first before going my own.

It is a big commitment capturing that one moment and good on you photographers who do.

That said, I have seen within the past 6 months, a little of work done by those who do it, and while some is great (like yours), some I have wondered (for example) how a pro could have blown highlights in the dress  (I mean really blown) etc. ...when it did not *look* like it was deliberately romantic or artsy.

Hence, why I say, no way I would now try it without KNOWING what I am doing.


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Amateur photographer. Enjoy.....believe in yourself..

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