My first week with Df

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Re: My first week with Df

dread_tai wrote:

Stephen Knox wrote:

dread_tai wrote:

Stephen Knox wrote:

dread_tai wrote:

Stephen Knox wrote:

Isn't it funny how the DF critics fall silent when presented with images like these?

Congratulations on your gob-stoppers

so now who is acting like a troll? how old are u again?

I'll tell you when you find a sense of humor

the post is about photos, and nothing more;

The OP posted two comments. The first was about the CAMERA and the second was about the IMAGES. Does a double-take.....well would you believe it, I commented on the CAMERA and the IMAGES. I also noted that DF (the CAMERA) critics seem absent when really good IMAGE samples appear from that camera.

it's always good to see nice images regardless of the gear.

I agree and that was partly my point, i.e. that some can't bring themselves to admit it or say it. Obviously you're not included among their number.....not unless you're only saying it because of what I said.

it should be about the photographer.

So you didn't see me congratulate him? It must have been while you were mid-tantrum

great work, i really like the colours.

Is that about the photographer?

Take a look at these two comments of yours from above...

"the post is about photos, and nothing more"

"it should be about the photographer"

You seem confused. Actually, think it's about both.....and the camera. It's just as well that I alluded to all three isn't it?

Happy Christmas.

all the happy faces are adorable. quite cute. thx.

my point was made and valid; u were baiting, and it's ok. u were trolling, no matter how short the quip was in brevity. cute.

nice try tho.

You call it bating, I call it a bit of harmless banter. Perhaps you're just more serious than me. You must be a fun guy to be around. Carry on and I'll make you laugh yet

And aren't baiters usually the ones who slag camera's off rather than the ones defending them FROM the baiters?

merry christmas as well, u and yours.

'Tis the season of goodwill, so cheers, and a splendid new year to you

u definitely have me laughing, and thanks for the grin. i DO realise your comment was tongue-n-cheek.

Thanks Dread. I just knew it. You've redeemed yourself

happy early boxing day as well.

And thanks again. You too, and I hope your Easter is a very eggy one and that your Shrove Tuesday is full of pancakes

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