Tip: How to avoid subject's closed eyes with Canon flash.

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Trevor Sowers
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Re: Tip: How to avoid subject's closed eyes with Canon flash.

f8f8f8 wrote:

I just want to share a VERY simple technique that I just read about on photonotes.org. My wife, my sister, and sister-in-law all blink with the pre-flash causing many many many pics of them to be with closed eyes. I know that going to manual flash would prevent this, but that has drawbacks for spontaneous/casual shooting. The 'trick" is to use the camera's flash exposure lock to lock in the exposure which sets off the pre-flash. The pre-flash causes the subject to blink. Simply wait for that blink to be over and then take the pic. No closed eyes! On my Canon 5D MIII it is the "M-Fn" button that is used for this purpose. I just tried two test shots of my wife with this technique and both shots are eyes fully wide open! This also works with my son-in-laws Canon T5i with both the internal flash and an external Yongnuo YN-565 so it probably works with any Canon camera that has flash exposure lock with most any flash. On the T5i it is the "*" button that locks flash exposure. Oh, be certain to tell your subject that the first flash is just to get rid of closed eyes and there will be a second flash for the "real" picture. This is one of those simple "tricks" that I wish I had known about long ago. Its simple, its easy, it works, and it costs nothing.



Yes I agree.  I use this all the time as well.

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