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JPEG is an exception

primeshooter wrote:

I read a while back that above 1600, is the same as taking an ISO 1600 shot and boosting exposure in post. Ie, taking a shot at ISO 1600 and boosting +2EV in software is the same as shooting at 6400 native in the camera? Is it better in post or in camera, as I believe it (or was told), boosting in post is better? I hope Marianne is about (I think this is her name). Thanks in advance.

The advantage of using the ISO 1600 setting and boosting in post, is that you can retain 2 more stops of highlights, relative to setting the camera to ISO 6400.  However, if you are sure there will be no highlight clipping at the ISO 6400 setting, it may be more convenient to use it, rather than pushing in post; either approach will be equivalent.

The other reason to use ISO settings above 1600, is if you are shooting JPEG-only.  Pushing JPEG files in post, of course, gives results inferior to pushing RAW files.

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