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Re: GPS data logger suggestions we can provide for u gps data logger kindly give me ur email id i w

When I had the D7000 I started looking into data loggers because I do shooting of field subjects that I need to revisit several times during the growing I need to get back to the exact same spot to reshoot.  I wasn't overly happy with the combinations of hardware and software and hoped to move to a cam that had built in GPS.  Well neither the GH2 nor the GH3 had that feature and those are now my work horses.

I cam up with two other solutions though that for the time being suit my needs.  I have an Olympic TG-2 that is both waterproof and has onboard I can do one shot with that and the others with the Panys.  I also have a Garmin Montana 650T that allows me to take a 5mp reference picture along with all the gps data as well as notes I can type as it relates to that waypoint.  It's a great backup for data and information but boy do I long for a light camera with great IQ that would allow me to save GPS data and put in short notes all on the same piece of hardware.

Not everyones need and not everyones solution.  Just how I'm getting by.


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