D700 vs Df: same exposure settings but 0.9 stops file exposure difference

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Aperture Control

DimLS wrote:

I noticed smthg strange today, as i took an indoor test shoot:

D700, Ultron 40mm, ISO 6400, 1/60, f8, RAW

Df, Same Ultron 40mm, ISO 6400, 1/60, f8, RAW

And the Df file is 0.9 stops more dimm than the d700 file.

What do you think about it?

I agree with Horshack that the most likely explanation is aperture-control discrepancies.  Try the test again using the lens' aperture ring (set Custom Settings -> f9 (or f7 on Df) Aperture Setting to "Aperture ring"), and see if the exposures come out more similar.

Alternatively, using command-dial control of aperture, select the aperture that is 2 stops down from wide open, press the Preview button, and see if the diaphragm (viewed through the front of the lens) stops down to exactly half-diameter on both cameras, as it should.  Use a second camera to photograph the diaphragm if you want an accurate measurement.

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