D800 firmware bug?

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Logic, not a bug

ah001 wrote:

Hello, I am having the following problem with D800...I set my D800 to take raw photo only using "qual" button on top, and, in the shooting menu, I have option to record nef on cf card, and jpg on sd card selected. When I take a photo, my camera records nef files on both cards. The only way I can avoid this behavior is if I set option that sd card is used for overflow and jpg.

Also, if I set it to overflow, and top lcd can read, for example, "raw + basic" but I don't get jpg written to sd card...nothing is written. The only way I can get jpg is if I make sure that top lcd and shooting menu are synched.

Is this normal behavior or am I doing something wrong?

You have conflicting settings, so the camera has to pick which option to choose. You are telling it to put a JPEG on the SD card, and at the same time telling it not to take a JPEG.

That leaves the camera to decide which of the two remaining options to use—SD card as backup or overflow. It decided to use it as backup. If you don't want a backup copy on the SD card, set it for overflow.

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