I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but if you own an A7 or A7r and are looking

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Re: Getting back to the initial objective of this thread...

Old Pirate wrote:

Late this afternoon I took my A7r and a 135 Minolta MD 2.8 I bought for $25 US and went for a ride. I am visiting my daughter in the mountains of Virginia so I simply rode some country roads around her house.

I saw these horses on a ridge so I stopped the car in the middle of the road and while watching for cars ahead of me as well as checking the rear view mirror I shot this with one of those cheap lenses that is probably soft in the corners or whatever, but for most eyes.....it works.

BTW....the first thing everyone is taught in digital photography is that how an image is developed is completely up to who took it. There is no right or wrong, just applied opinions of how an image should look.

In correct. There are wrong ways and that is what anyone who is teaching post processing that is any good at their job will teach someone how not to do something.

Anyway.....I do offer up the fact that you can get good images with these old MD Minolta lenses and any of the E mount Sony cameras and a cheap adapter. So if you are game to experiment, or have old manual lenses and enjoy a challenge; "get adapted", and have a good time. My use of the lens, camera, or post processing is how I choose to use it. You may prefer other settings and that is your option and right. This is a small jpeg created by the camera and brought into LR5. A bit of shadow was used to raise the darkness.

Unfortunately again a nice photo that has been spoilt by poor in camera jpeg settings and/or post processing. The finished image screams digital as things have been overdone.

When I got my camera my dealer had not received either the 35 or 55 Zeiss's built for this camera but he and I both agreed that there was no need to wait with so many lens choices around. He shoots adapted lenses on his NEX 7 too.

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