D800 firmware bug?

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Re: D800 firmware bug?

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Hello, I am having the following problem with D800...I set my D800 to take raw photo only using "qual" button on top, and, in the shooting menu, I have option to record nef on cf card, and jpg on sd card selected. When I take a photo, my camera records nef files on both cards. The only way I can avoid this behavior is if I set option that sd card is used for overflow and jpg.

Also, if I set it to overflow, and top lcd can read, for example, "raw + basic" but I don't get jpg written to sd card...nothing is written. The only way I can get jpg is if I make sure that top lcd and shooting menu are synched.

Is this normal behavior or am I doing something wrong?

I have mine set to record raw + basic. Primary slot selection is CF. Secondary slot function is RAW primary and JPEG secondary. I get RAW on the CF and JPEG on the SD. Perhaps give a different CF card a try?

Mine works the same. But can you try setting only raw on top lcd, and leave the rest?

I get 2 nefs!

When I do that I get a raw on both the CF and SD....

Exactly! It sucks if you don't know it is happening and suddenly, card is full for no reason!

Thanks for the heads up. I haven't been burned by this yet, but it is good to we aware.

The D4 does the same thing.  However, the big difference is that the D4 clearly indicates on the rear LCD that it intends to write raw files to both cards.

The rules seem to be the following:

1) The secondary card will always be used.

2) If you turn off JPEGs then the secondary cad will be used for raw files.

3) If you don't want the secondary card to be used, then remove it.

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