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Re: Shared frustration....

Rockwallaby wrote:

Many here share your frustration Nikon Convert.

But reality prevails. It takes money to develop a new "something special" DX. DSLR sales potential is shrinking as time passes. Some customers have already made a one way trip to FX so will not buy another DX. So to recover development costs across a smaller sales base and then add the all important profit margin that Nikon shareholders demand, the sales price of a new Nikon DX may well exceed the price that many customers are prepared to pay.

Add to this a huge decline in the once profitable point and shoot market that could prop up the DSLR development cost.

Both Nikon and Canon are in a difficult market at the moment.

up the buffer in the d7100 + 8fps + Expeed 4 + full mag body + AF-ON button... that's it!

they already have everything they need in their parts bin, now put it together already!!!

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