U1 and U2

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Fred Mueller Senior Member • Posts: 2,528
Re: U1 and U2

U1 = "casual/family/low pressure" = JPG, Normal, Neutral (contrast lower, sharpening higher), AF-on, AF assigned to AF/AE lock button, AEL saagined to top function button, AF-C, release priority, 9pt, continuous hi, NR = High, ADL=High, auto ISO; 100 min, H.7 maz, vignetting control on, card assign = spillover

U2 - "with Flash for event work" = Raw (14 bit lossless)+JPG basic,FC = -1.7 ev rear sync, EV = -.7, "e4" set to decouple EV and FC comp, ISO = 400, no NR, no ADL, focus mechanix as above, card assign = mirror

everything else I just "mosh" in A priority most of the time ...

only wish there were a U3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. !!! Then you'd have enough "pockets" to remember "where you were at" during specific instances

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