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Peter-D wrote:

lxlex wrote:

Peter-D wrote:

One of my first shots with this camera and a little effect for the heck of it.

Sorry mate but I'm with Joel on this one. A bit too much contrast and saturation and therefore you have lost detail and sharpness. It looks a touch smudgy.

I sort of fell into the trap of oversaturation and contrast when I first learn processing as it's an easy thing to do and give you that pop the original might not have. Keep at it and take comments from people here in a positive way.

The train image could have done with a little less strength in the HDR and some noise reduction in the clouds.

I agree that the LX7 is an amazing camera and I hope it gives you years of pleasure.

Hi lex,

The saturation, contrast and the smudgy (actually paint brush effect) was used by design not an unintentional consequence. I knew exactly what I wanted with this shot and I did it and I like it for what it is. One either likes it or not, I totally understand that but how others want to see it is also of no consequence because no matter what the image result there will be some that want to see it their way and of course where does that lead to? I've been to many galleries and I have yet to see a "suggestion box" next to an image. i wonder why?


Probably because it’s in a gallery? I imagine it would have been spoken about hundreds of times prior to reaching the gallery. Those types of people usually suggest with their wallet!

Whatever effect you used I still stand by my comment about contrast and saturation. I’m not here to guess what software and what one uses while using whatever software.

Your comment about jpeg v raw I don’t fully agree on unless you’re printing large pictures 30 or so inches. If it’s only for the web you would be very hard pressed to tell the difference.

For what it is the LX7 has very good dynamic range and give one a lot of scope to work with in its files

Btw, what train are you talking about?

The gentleman who posted it.


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Best wishes,

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