Pentax lenses on par with canon L and nikon pro lenses?

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Re: Nope

Jim in Hudson wrote:

Azzy wrote:

- Fair comparison with Canon's, though Pentax should be a tad cheaper considering we have the SR in body

Of course Pentax has some decently priced gems as well but since the lens does not have built in IS/VR/SR/OS they should not charge extra premium just because it's competitors are. That makes having IBSR advantage a moot point

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This would be a valid point if Pentax charged more, relative to Canon and Nikon, for DSLR bodies because they include IBIS... but they don't charge more.

The difference isn't that large, i.e 7D is ~$200 difference from K-3 and D7100 is a tad cheaper. Yes they are older bodies but that's the current competition for K-3 right now.

As you buy more lenses then the cost saving advantage of having IBIS goes even smaller, the public perception would be why bother getting a "less known brand" with IBIS when they're selling exact same lenses but without VR/IS/VC/OS and charge the same amount/even more.

Especially when Canikon/Sigma are slapping IS on almost everything they're releasing now including cheapo consumer zoom lenses

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