D7100 Custom Function e4: Anyone master it?

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Re: D7100 Custom Function e4: Anyone master it?

By default, whenever you enable flash, you're given a 2:1 fill ratio - 2 parts of ambient light and 1 part of flash light, or 33% fill.

For example, you made a AE shot without flash, at ISO1600/f4/120.  Now you raise the flash, your settings would be changed to something like ISO1600/f4/100.  This setting would provide your next shot with 66% ambient light, the rest will be filled by flash.

Now with the use the flash button, on top of lens release, if you reduce the flash output by one stop, you're changing the fill ratio to 2:0.5, or 4:1 (20% fill).  What happens if you reduce flash output by two stops? The fill ratio would be 2:0.25 or 8:1.

Is the white wall fooling the exposure meter? If yes, you may adjust the overall exposure with the EC+/- button, located next to shutter release. This is where the custom function e4 interfered.

What if you use ISO400 instead of 1600 in the above example? Without flash, at f/4, the shutter speed would be 1/30 second. The moment you raise the flash, your shutter speed will be reset to 1/60.  At these setting, flash no longer just fill, it dominates the whole exposure - your camera thinks ISO400/f4/30 won't guarantee an ambient-light shot.  Usually we ended up with darkened background and washed out foreground.

Can you do something about it?  Custom function e2.

Finally, how much fill% is enough? There is no correct answer here. Try experience it.  Custom function e6 - flash bracketing.

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