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Re: Imaging resource results with 0.3 firmware?

jtsmall wrote:

Today I see comments and a few DxO replies attached to their part one, suggested lenses for the GX7. All the comments raise the issue of test reliability and DxO has stated they have reviewed their work carefully before publishing and believe the AA filter is the cause of the poor lens evaluations for the GX7.

There have been quite a few expressions of disbelief after the DxO lens test results for the GX7 were published, not only here and in the comments directly attached to the DxO reviews but also on the DxO forum. DxO has suggested that an unusually strong AA filter might be the cause but I personally find that very difficult to believe. First, it seems very unlikely that Panasonic would have introduced a stronger AA filter on the GX7 than on their earlier MFT cameras. If anything, one would expect a weaker filter at this stage. Second, optyczne.pl (the Polish version of Lenstip) has tested the resolution of the GX7 sensor using RAW files and found it to be roughly on a par with that of other 16 MP MFT cameras. Third, the image samples available in various places do not suggest that the GX7 is notably worse with regard to resolution than earlier Panasonic 16 MP MFT cameras.

As I pointed out in a prior post, DxO has now decided to redo their tests in early January, using another copy of the GX7. Hopefully, that will help to settle the issue of what is actually going on.

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