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Re: XA-1 Owners Only .....Are...

Daniel Lauring wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

Daniel Lauring wrote:

jimr wrote:

you happy with your decision that you purchased the XA-1 and did not spend the extra money for a XM-1?

Would you make that same choice again?

Very much so. I actually got it so I would have a Bayer alternative to use with Fuji's lenses. Ultimately, it is very close in performance.

That flys in the face of a lot of X Trans worship here.

I'm not anti-Xtrans. I just replaced my X-E1 with an E2 and recently picked up a X100s which I love. Having said that, choosing between the XA-1 and X-M1 was a no brainer to me. $200 cheaper (even more now) and a chance to play with a conventional Bayer RAW converter are too huge pluses.

I didnt suggest that you were Anti X Trans. I have no idea how you derived that from what I wrote.

What I said was that your comment that X Trans offers only a very small difference in performance compared to Bayer, flies in the face of the conventional wisdom here.  X Trans, we are told, makes APS-C equal to FF in terms of IQ.  In the thread I posted regarding my new GF670W, I was told that X Trans exceeds medium format film.  That comment went unrefuted by anyone here.

I think your post is quite rare, in that it is clearly stated that the X Trans sensor offers only a very little bump in performance for an APS-C censor.

I agree with you 100%.

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