The Full Frame Myth

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DAndison wrote:

Dougbm_2 wrote:

My 2 cents.

All else being equal apart from sensor size the FF will win over a smaller size for IQ.

No doubt smaller than FF sensors satisfy many photographers demands such that FF is not necessary for them and in fact the advantages of light weight, smaller size and faster handling offer a better solution.

My experience is with a 5D, 60D, 50D and X100. I have also had a Fuji S2 pro (excellent tonality), a Sigma SD14 ( love the IQ but many limitations) a Sony a350 (nice colours and good metering but grainy images) and several compacts - A550, A650IS, G11 and XZ-1.

I started out using the 5D for real estate photography (as well as for landscape work).

I moved to the 60D but soon became frustrated with its shadow noise and lack of detail - despite it having more MP (18 vs 13 for the 5D).

I need to lift the shadows for my work and the 5D tolerates that much more than the 60D or the 50D I reverted to for it's better handling (sold the 60D).

Also the other MAJOR benefit of the FF 5D is the much bigger and better viewfinder.

The other advantage of FF is the ability to achieve shallow depth of field. Actually not always an advantage.

The FF 5D give files that have much more give in Photoshop and indeed require less processing.

ASPC senors such as the Fuji X100 show how far things have come with it's excellent low light performance but it seems to have much less dynamic range than the 5D and is actually not that good for landscapes. The 50D sits somewhere in between with fast all around operation and easy handling but less forgiving files (ie more shadow noise).

Basically it is horses for courses and no absolute statements can really be made.

You pays your money...

The problem is everyones eyes are different.... we all see things just a little differently from one another. So while you see a better dynamic range with the original 5d compared to the X100 it doesn't mean it actually is. It was just more pleasing to your eyes. Nothing wrong with that. That's why we are lucky to have so many choices.

Canon 5d DXOmark

Fuji x100 DXOmark

As you can see, better dynamic range goes to Fuji by 1.3evs, colour depth is equal and with a slight advantage to the 5D in terms of ISO. Overall score..... Fuji edges it.

Before taking up the Fuji X System (Pro1 & X-E1 with most lenses) I had a 5dmkii with L glass and when I first looked at the files from the X-Pro, I was quite shocked at how much they looked like the 5dmkii files at 100%(using C1 Pro 7). At the time there was a big difference in quality between LR & C1 Pro. I still prefer C1 but the gap has probably narrowed a little.

Unlike the Sony Nex 7 files, the shadows and highlights could be tweaked massively without adding noise. I was used to having this flexibility with the 5dmkii and missed it. Both the Sony and Canon systems have now been sold and I have never felt that the Fuji cameras were incapable of doing anything that the 5d could do. A reasonable low light example.

Actually, the only thing preventing you from taking a particular shot is yourself. Be creative not just in the way you use the camera, but in the way you resolve problems that stop you from achieving the results you are looking for. This is far more important than a couple of marks better EVS or whatever. The client is unlikely to notice it even if you can.

Thats' why I said "seems" to have less DR than the 5D as I knew DXO measurements favoured the Fuji. However real world experience from someone who makes a living from shooting landscapes and real estate using both cameras is, I think, more valid than numbers measured in a lab. The 5D just produces richer files than the X100. I mean a Canon S100 has better DR measurement than a 5D. Anyway it is possible that what I am seeing superior colour depth. Whatever - the 5D files are better than the X100. Period. However I would put the Sigma SD14 against the 5D in good light any day. That was amazing output from the foveon sensor.

Finally I do wish people would speak from their own experience rather than quoting (often meaningless) numbers from a lab test. How a camera performs in the field is a much more complex 'equation'.

Good night and Merry Xmas to all!

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