M240 as a non M camera ?

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M240 as a non M camera ?

I had  this camera for about a week now and this is the second one. The first one was dead on receiving  (half- dead) with the electronics for metering all messed up for the LV portion while the rangefinder mode is fine .

So the camera was taken back to the Head Distributor for a replacement on the second day after I received it . Oh by the way, they are all fresh out of the box and carton from Solms.

The reason why I changed to the M 240 was the infamous cracked sensor while under warranty for my M9.  I sold my M9 to get the M . The camera is fine now when i is working with the colour rendering more like the Nikon / Cannon combined . It is definitely not like the M9 or M9P.

I have a few M lenes,  R lens and a few other legacy lenses.

I found the R lens works well on the M240 more than the M lens !!! The colour rendition and IQ is more to my taste. I prefer the M9(P) colours with my M lens . Of course I could not try out the R lenis on the M9 for comparison.

Also, I  have put on my Topcon 58/ 1.4 and Topcon  25mm f 3.5  to the camera and its works very well via an adaptor  from EOS to M ( after Topcor  to EOS. )

All of these are possible with the help of the Olympus EVF2 for focusing .

I prefer Leica M lens with the M9P, and Leica M be the general multi plug camera for all my legacy lenses such as , R , Topcon, Nikon , Hasselblad  etc. Couldn;t wait now to try them out .

I have to start saving to fund another M9P now ...

Love to hear  others' comment .

Ciao ,


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